Here at Boudica we take pride in trying out the clothing & products that we sell so that we can not only choose the best items for you to choose from but be able to advise on size, fit & feel for our lovely customers! I get lots of help with this from my lovely Ambassadors too!

So collaborating all our thoughts & our lovely customers’ feedback we have put together our Summer Essentials Outfit!


Boudica’s Best Horse Riding Underwear:  Adore Tech Set

riding underwear mountain horse adore techMountain Horse has won this award by a mile with thier Adore Tech set! Not only is it great value for money but it is so comfortable & stretchy you won’t want to wear anything else! The pants avoid seems in the areas that could rub & the are big enough to be really comfortable but not so big that you could call them Bridget Jones’ pants! The bra is great and every customer who has bought one of these has emailed me or messaged to say how much they love it! It has removable padding as is so stretchy.






Boudica’s Favourite Horse Riding Tights:  Inspire Riding Tights

Equetech Inspire Riding Tights
Equetech Inspire Riding Tights

These tights are new this year to Equetech and i can’t recommend them enough! They are really stretchy and made of a lovely soft material. They are thick enough to prevent visible knickers but thin enough to be cool & light for riding and gym wear. The high waist band is comfortable & flattering and the 2 huge pockets on the legs are priceless! You wont regret adding these to your wardrobe!






Boudica’s Best Horse Riding Gloves: Sportsline 2.0

These gloves from SuperXCountry are the best i have ever worn and again the feedback i get from my customers about these is great! They were my best sellers last year and the new version are already on course to be best sellers again! Just like the original gloves they are light & cool but provide excellent grip. The new range have pads on the fingers so you can use your phone with your gloves on! perfect for selfies when you are riding!







Boudica’s Top Tops: Adore Tech Top

mountain horse sky tech t
mountain horse sky tech t

Mountain Horse has come up trumps again with these Tech Tops. They are really stretchy & light making them perfect for riding as well as everyday wear. Again one of my staple peices so far this summer!










Boudica’s Best Shoes: Breeze Sneakers

These trainers (or sneakers!)  are new to Mountain Horse for this summer. They have already sold out and had a full restock in the first few months of sale which is a great sign! They feature the Shock Absorbing sole as do all Mountain Horse shoes which makes them really comfortable for all day wear. They are slip on so you avoid annoying laces. Great feedback on these already and of course ive been trying them out for the last few months and they are pretty much all i wear (apart from my tall riding boots!).







Boudica’s Favourite Summer Socks: Performance Socks

I am really impressed with Equetech’s Performance socks. Not only are they really great value (£12.50 for 3 pairs) but they are really really comfortable and well made. They have a thin lycra stocking part which helps keep your legs cool under your boots  & a more substantial sock part with extra stitching over the toe to help prevent those annoying holes!







Boudica’s Best Accessories: Waist Bag

mountain horse waist bum bag
mountain horse waist bum bag

You may have seen the odd celeb wearing thier waist bag (or bum bag!) over thier shoulder (aparently this is now cool?!) but this Mountain Horse bum bag is great for wearing around your waist in the summer. Keep your keys, phone, money in it when you are at shows, riding or just out and about. Perfect for hot days when you won;t have a gilet or jacket with pockets in. This really is an essential peice of kit for all riders!