We know how tricky it can be to find breeches that fit. So we have been trying out all our brands and styles of breeches to come up with a quiz to help you find your perfect breech!

Don’t forget it is easy to return any product if you decide it isn’t right for you : so why not buy a few styles or sizes and just return the ones you don’t want 🙂

If you would like more support to find your breeches (or anything else) just email Laura directly [email protected]


Once you have found out which breeches are best for your shape scroll down for more details and pictures of each breech with links to the website for more information.

1. Decide which picture looks most like your body shape

For the Full Hour Glass and Pear shape go to question 2

For the The Lean Column & The Rectangle go to question 3

For the Neat Hour Glass go to question 4

For the Apple go to question 5

For the Inverted Triangle go to question 6

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