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Why Is Mould So Bad?

Mould ruins your tack by literally eating away at it, weakening eventually making it useless. Not only that but mould is a health hazard: it is readily made airbourne and can cause respiratory distress to you and your horse.

How Do Your Remove & Prevent It?

How do you remove mould from your saddle, bridle & riding boots? Well the best plan is to avoid mould build up in the first place by cleaning and conditioning your tack after every use. But lets face it that doesn’t always happen! So here are some top tips to get your tack back into top tip condition……


  1. Dry the leather out in the sunshine first.
  2. Use a natural cleaning product with essential oils, this will not only kill surface mould but it will penetrate the tack to help prevent future build up. We recommend the Sterling Essentials Cleaner.
  3. Once your tack is completely clean & dry use a natural conditioner with essential oils & one which matches the PH of the leather. We recommend The Sterling Essentials Conditioner.



  1. Don’t use vinegar or any harsh chemicals: this may kill the surface mould initially, but it will damage the leather permenantly & likely cause more mould in the future.
  2. Don’t use a conditioner until the mould has gone & your leather is dry.
  3. Don’t use any cleaners or conditioners with glycerine. The mould actually likes to feed off gycerine so you will only be helping it grow!
  4. Avoid any cleaners or conditioners with plastics or alcohol in. These will damage the leather in the long run.

sterling essentials natural tack cleaner


Look After Your Investments!

If you actually work out the value of all your tack you may be supprised how much money you have sitting in your tack room (or your garage!).  A saddle can often cost more than a small car! So they are worth looking after well.

There are many tack cleaners out there, but many contain plastics and harsh chemicals which may initially make your tack look clean, but will likely damage your leather in the long run.

We highly recommend the Sterling Essentials range. It is the most natural range we have found that also works. Sterling Essentials is run by a small family in the USA and Boudica are currently the only UK retailers.

sterling essentials natural tack cleaner

Benefits of Sterling Essentials Tack Cleaning Range?

  1. PH matches that of your leather so it won’t dry or damage the leather.
  2. Contains only food grade natural essential oils & beeswax. So you know that even the most sensitive horse (and rider!) won’t react to the products.
  3. Deeply penetrates the leather to clean and condition it, creating a barrier to mould and mildew. Essential in keeping your leather in excellent condition.
  4. Available in lavander, Eucalyptus & Floral scents so you’ll soon love cleaning your tack!

Find out more about our range from Sterling Essentials by clicking HERE.

sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner
sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner