equisafety mesh summer hi viz exercise sheet

Now we are all starting to get back into the saddle safety is important as ever. HiViz is on most rider’s raidar but are you really as visible as you think? Here are some top tips to make sure you stay seen and stay safe when out hacking:

What Colour?

Pink is the best colour to wear at this time of year. It shows up much better than yellow in wooded areas.  A mixture of colours is the best option so that you are visible in all environments.

When Should I Wear HiViz?

Wear hiviz whenever you hack out, even off road. It is really important that you can be seen even if you aren’t on the road.  If you had an accident then you and your horse are much easier to find by a search party on the ground or in the air if you have hiviz on.

Can I Be Seen?

Get a friend to take a photo of you from infront and behind when you are hacking to see if you really can be seen.  If your horse has a high head carriage when you are hacking then the hiviz waistcoat or tabard you are wearing is likely to be hard to see from the front.  So it is important that your horse wears ears, boots, rein/nose bands & a hiviz martingale to ensure you stay visible to cars infront.

equisafety charlotte dujardin ears

Benefits of the Charlotte Dujardin Range from Equisafety

This range was new for last year and has been very popular since it came out.

Stay Cool

The bright colours not only help you stay visible in a range of environments but they also help you and your horse stay cool by reflecting the sun light away from your horse’s coat.

Look Good

The waistcoat is adjustable with velcro around the back so it can be fitted nicely to your shape and loosened if you want to add extra layers. It also has very useful pockets!

Good Bye Flies

The mesh exercise sheet is also really useful to keep flies off your horse’s back and tummy area.


The range is machine washable to help you keep your gear clean and visible.

All Year Wear

Because the range is a lightweight mesh it is suitable to use all year round & especially useful on horses that aren’t clipped in winter.


It starts from only £8.99!

See more of the range by clicking here

equisafety mesh summer hi viz exercise sheet
equisafety mesh summer hi viz exercise sheet

Waterproof Summer Sheet

If you are looking for a waterproof summer hiviz then our excellent lightweight quarter sheet from Finer Equine is perfect. It also attaches to the saddle which not only protects the saddle from the rain but makes it safer & BD legal.

waterproof hiviz exercise sheet summer finer equine

Find out more about our HiViz ranges on our video