July 2020 Update: New Inserts Are Now Deet Free!

I have been using these bands for the last few days on my horse with great results. So i wanted to give you some tips on how to get the most out of your Starter Kit.

fly off fly repellant horse and rider

1. Decide which tablets to use depending on the time of year. All the flies are out at the moment so i have used one of each in the leg bands (room for up to 2 per leg band).

WINTEA POWER  “Contains Gaultheria, Tea Tree & Black Pepper. VERY STRONG antiseptic smell.  Most biting insects do not like the smell of these oils & are so strong will mask the smell of CO2 & body odour which attracts biting flies.”


fly off fly repellent horse

CITRO EXTRA   “Contains Citronela, Eucalyptus and Gereniol very nice smelling and strong. Ideal to wear on days you need more protection is thought to repel most flies doesnt repel fruit flies or wasps and is recommended to use alongside Neem EXTRA Tablets. This combination of oils is thought to repel most biting flies and excellent at repeling common flies along with some ticks, lice and mites. ” Fly Off

CITRO POWER “Contains Citronella, Eucalyptus, Geraniol & Citrodol. VERY STRONG lemony smell ideal.  Be aware some flies such as midges & fruit flies are attracted to Citro based products whilst other biting flies hate the smell, these inserts are so strong they will help mask smells which attract flies.”

fly off fly repellent horse

NEEM EXTRA  “Neem Oil is an essential oil which is thought to repel most insects including fruit flies, wasps & horse flies. It is very strong distictive smelling not pleasent to the human nose and very bitter in taste. We have also added Lavender and Peppermint to make the smell more pleasent. Also repels fleas, ticks, mites and lice along with most biting flies doesnt seem as effective on common flies as Citro EXTRA tablet or DEET EXTRA Tablet. Wont stain white marking like gel versions. ” Fly Off

BEST PROTECTION TIP  “Neem EXTRA & Citro EXTRA are ideal to use together especially on horses or around livestock to cover the widest range of flies. The horse leg bands have been designed to carry two tablets with enough gap so both will be effective at the same time. To use with the Multi Clips you will need two clips. ” Fly Off


2. On the top of the tablets there are little dots sticking out. Pull these off to release more of the repellent. I have taken all the dots out to give the maximum effect.

fly off fly repellant horse and rider


3. Slot the tablets into the legbands (each one takes 2). Pull them out a bit so that you can see some of the tablet. This helps the repellent smell come out.

4. Attach one to your horse’s front lower leg and one to the back.

fly off fly repellant horse and rider

5. Give the tablets 10 or so minutes to start difussing the repellent into the air around your horse.

6. Choose a tablet for yourself & pop that into the clip on holder. Attach to your saddle when riding or anywhere on yourself.

For more information about the different scents and the Starter Set click HERE

When you have used all your inserts just order some more of your favourite types HERE

If you want added protection from the flies when riding, have a look at the Equisafety Fly Quarter Sheets which are great for keeping cool, seen & fly free!

equisafety mesh sheet