I am so delighted to introduce Wiola from Aspire Riding Academy as our first brand ambassador! Wiola is a highly experienced and knowledgeable instructor and coach. She runs Aspire Riding Academy and works with a select number of grassroots riders including Emma Brinkworth who competes on her exracers.

I spent a long time deciding who I wanted as ask to be Boudica’s first brand ambassador. I looked for someone who shared my values and whom I felt I could work closely with. Wiola quickly became a perfect candidate. Having known Wiola and trained with her for a number of years I knew first hand how much she values horse welfare in all of her work as a coach and instructor, She is also passionate about rider biomechanics, rider development and grassroots riding.

Of course Wiola looks fabulous in our clothes and loves them! She and her riders are a great sounding board for me in trying out new brands and items to ensure they are technical enough for the rider as well as looking good.

To find out more about Wiola head over to her blog and website: http://www.aspireequestrianacademy.com/