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I am delighted to introduce our new brand Stierna Equestrian. Stierna is a Swedish brand created and run by Helena & her husband, they create a range of horse riding jackets, waterproof riding coats & baselayers.

Helena designs each piece with the rider in mind. Everything is tried & tested to create the perfect garment which not only looks fabulous but allows the equestrian athelete to stay comfortable, free, warm & dry.

Stierna is not only a popular brand among Eventers like Emma Hobday & Victoria Jones, but is also worn but the Swedish & Norwegian Mounted Police! Now that is real proof of how waterproof & long lasting the garments are!



stierna waterproof horse riding jacket“Sierna Equestrian Sportswear sets a whole new standard in terms of materials, fit, technical solutions and design for active equestrian sports. The starting point is the three-layer principle that enables the body to regulate heat depending on activity despite cold, wind and wetness.”

I love the attention the detail in all thier products. For example the sleeves are angled to divert water away from your hands/gloves & my favourite thing: the detatchable saddle flap in the Stella coat which goes over the FRONT of the saddle so the water doesn’t run down your legs or onto your saddle at the front!



stierna fleece riding jacket“The collection of riding jackets & layers consists of lightweight, high-performance riding clothes in a close-fitting fit and high fashion level that provides optimal freedom of movement thanks to design, construction and material selection. The unique EquTex™ membrane allows stierna to construct wind and waterproof garments in four-way stretch that breathes and allows moisture and excess heat.”





Stierna Equestrian are dedicated to a more sustainable fashion industry. They do this through the use of recycled polyester, ethical working practices & creating long lasting & high quality clothing.

“The vast majority of Stierna’s products are made of polyester. The polyester fabrics are durable, they dry quickly and they can transport moisture efficiently. Most of Stierna’s polyester garments are made of recycled fiber. The production of polyester fabric, especially recycled, also requires less water than the production of many other materials.”

Our Collection

The Stierna range is at the higher end of our brands in terms of cost but thier quality, design & comfort are well worth the price tag! These items are set to last you years and years in turn helping not only your bank balance but supporting a more sustainable fashion industry.

We have started with a small collection from Stierna and plan to increase this soon. Our current collection include the highly functional, waterproof & super comfortable winter Stella riding coat & the stretchy & cosy Adromeda Riding Fleece Jacket.

Click HERE to see the Stierna range.

Please get in touch if you have any questions,

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stierna waterproof horse riding jacket