As i’m sure you have seen I have been on the search for a Brand Ambassador over the past month. After an overwhelming response I decided to add 3 more positions-Boudica Brand Associates and here were the winners: Fiona Murray (Macmurraysr), Linda Todd (Patchy Dressage Pony) and Ally (Ally Approved). I’ve asked them to tell you about themselves so here we go….make sure you follow them for lots of fun updates of their adventures and for your 10% discount code!

Fiona Murray (Macmurraysr on Instagram) and The Scottish Equestrian blog

I am Fiona and my mare is a 17.2hh chestnut diva called Eva. Eva and I are based in Scotland and have so far enjoyed 4 years together. My big goal is to get out eventing with Eva but right now we are focusing a lot on our dressage and showjumping. Eva loves jumping and is very honest in front of a jump, in fact Eva is very honest in all aspects of life if she’s not happy about something she will let you know! I run a blog called The Scottish Equestrian where I document all our adventures together and look forward to adding reviews of products that I have bought from Boudica Equestrian as well!

Linda Todd (Patchydressagepony on Instagram and Fb)

Linda Clark ( formally Todd) I work full time in recruitment in London and live in Kent with my Husband Ben (aka the non horsey husband ) and my stepdaughter Ella! I own two horses Mac and Teddy and have been riding since I was 7. I’ve recently got married hence the two names 🙈 My horses -Macs a 30 year old cob that I have owned 22 years. In our younger years we competed in Pony club representing our branch in Dressage , SJ and eventing. He taught me everything and is my horse of a lifetime but these days Macs just a beautiful lawnmower. Macs got the biggest personality and the largest ego of any horse I’ve ever met. He spends most of his days bossing ted around!

I’ve owned Ted my rising 8 year old ISH (aka Tankmore Boy) since he was a 4 year old. Ted was my turning 30 mid life crisis after years just hacking Mac I decided I wanted a project and along came ted. Ted had done nothing when I got him and his naturally nervous nature made him slightly more of a challenge than I expected to bring on but he’s been worth every moment. Producing him myself with the help of my trainer has been my biggest achievement It took me 6 months to get him cantering on the right leg and nearly a year to convince him jump poles wouldn’t kill him! Tying up on the yard and loading were all other battles we had to face. Now we are competing most weekends at affiliated prelim and just about to step up to novice. Every time we finish a test I’m just so proud of him! He tried his heart out. He’s a horse that had to learn to trust and now he does he makes me so proud ! Our goal is to get to medium one day but that’s a long long way off. We also want to jump and perhaps compete in a one day event! We still have days where we take ten steps backwards but that’s horses for you.

I’m slightly obsessed with matchy matchy and love to document mine and teds life on our Patchy Dressage Pony account .

Ally (Ally Approved on Facebook)

I started Side-Saddle properly about 5 years ago, having tried it as a kid and meeting my mentor Julia. I compete for her on her famous grey ‘Lenté Le Duc’ – famous for appearing on TV multiple times! I find Side-Saddle the most elegant way to ride and absolutely love to talk about it (can you tell?) I’ve always said I’d love for it to become more popular and share it with everyone!

As for me and my horse; his name is Magnum and I haven’t had him long (couple months almost). He came over for Ireland and has taken a while to gain my trust; he was scared of rugs and any sudden movements from behind him, implying that someone’s hit him from behind. I take a more down to earth ‘slowly slowly’ approach, as trust is absolute key. I spend a lot of time with my horse and feel like we’re becoming close friends now, which is the foundation of a strong competitive partnership. Horses have always been an escape for me emotionally so I’d love others to feel like their safe place is around horses too.

You can follow Ally’s adventures on facebook and Instagram!