I was so excited when we got our first stock of these Montar bridles. I had held off stocking any bridles as I wanted something that was highly ergonomic and the best it could be for the horse. These bridles fit this description exactly!

They have been a long time in the making and Montar have been sure to put the comfort of the horse at the forefront of their design. But they look fabulous too!

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Key design areas:

Unique headpiece which avoids pressure to the atlas area. allowing the horse to move more freely through the neck

  • Padded noseband and head piece for comfort

  • Browband positioned to avoid sensitive head areas

  • Beautiful headbands which can be changes easily

  • Range of reins with varying grip


Montar have now also released a grackle style bridle as well as a double bridle! Click here to see them and find out more.

montar grackle bridle ergonomic

Bridles To The Test!

Robyn TB Thoroughbred 9 years old.

Bridle: Robyn wears the Normandie in brown with a pink browband in a full size.

What I Loved:
The leather is so soft!

Keepers are so easy to put in and keep in!

The fit was lovely.

The headpiece sat back away from her ears and she seemed comfortable in it.

Physiotherapist opinion:
I have the physio regularly for Robyn and she always has a tight poll. But after 2 weeks of using this bridle my physio was delighted to tell me that she felt amazing and really soft around the poll area.

Ridden work:
Robyn is a very tense horse in general but from the start of using the bridle I noticed she stretched more and after a few months of using it she is certainly feeling freer in her movement.


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Leo is owned by Wiola.

Bridle: Leo wears the Normandie bridle in cob in black

What Wiola loved:
Wiola loves the softness of the Montar leather and the ease of putting the keepers in. She said that from their first few sessions in the bridle Leo seemed more flexible in his poll flexion exercises.

Mollie is a lovely 9 year old ISH mare owned by Caitlin.

Bridle: Mollie wears the Normandie bridle in the full in black leather.

What Caitlin loved:
Caitlin told me that Mollie is naturally a sensitive mare but that she and her instructor thought Mollie’s walk felt much freer even from the first day wearing her bridle. She also loved the look and feel of the bridle

Jasper is a 15.2hh 7 year old Irish Cob.

Bridle: Jasper wears the Normandie bridle in Xfull in black with the Passion browband.

Jasper’s bridle fitting difficulties: Tatiana told me that the browband on his previous bridle was pulling the headpiece forward, causing him unnecessary pressure and tension around his poll and TMJ. This was noted by their Bit Fitting Consultant as well as the physio at his last session.

What Tatiana Said: ‘I love the space that this headpiece design gives him which will hopefully relieve that issue. The integrated noseband and V cut-out of the headpiece will also help to reduce any poll pressure and we should hopefully hear comments of improvement at his next physio visit. Switching the standard browband with the bling one was simple to do as it just unclips, so no need to dismantle the bridle, or even remove it once it was fitted on him. Jasper doesn’t need a flash. Being able to remove the flash attachment is a plus so it doesn’t ruin the outline of the cavesson. The extra bonus is that he looks really smart in his new bridle’

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Elfengold owned by Christopher.

Bridle: Elfengold wears the Normandie bridle in black.

What Christopher loved:
“The leather is soft and malleable so bridle did not need working in or softening first, just a wipe down and on first time. And that was both a time saver and one less anxious moment”

“The bridle looks great, I like simple elegance on my horses, so for me, it’s super”

“She definitely finds it more comfortable”

In summary

The feedback from the Normandie bridle as been fantastic.

What you said were the best bits:

  • Soft leather

  • Great fit

  • Roomy behind the ears

  • Horse’s moving more freely

  • Looks really stylish

  • Lovely browbands

This bridle would be fabulous for any horse to help them move better and feel more comfortable. It is particularly great for horses who:

  • Have poll tension

  • Are sensitive by nature

  • Struggle to stretch and bend through the neck and poll are

To find out more about the Montar bridles and browband please follow the link below:


We know a bridle is a big investment and we want to help you get the fit right so please get in touch for further advice and support on which size and style may suit you best.

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Laura x