Who Else Hates Dropping Bra Straps & Uncomfortable Underwear when riding?!
Over the past few days Laura from Boudica has been putting the Mountain Horse Tech Sports Top & Pants to the test and the results are in…..
Laura was really impressed by the comfort and quality of both the top and the pants!
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The Tech Top

riding underwear mountain horse

The top is lightly padded for anyone who needs a little extra help! But it is removable for anyone who’s lucky enough not to need it!

It is made from stretchy & soft material making it comfortable enough to wear all day.
The Adore Tech Pants

Again the material is really soft and stretchy.

No seams to rub you and a high waist band make them so comfortable to wear.
They are tailored enough to give a lovely flattering fit but not so big that they look like Bridget Jones pants!

mountain horse tech top adore bra riding

Both come in white and navy.
Have a look at the link for more info πŸ‘‡