Finding the perfect riding boot fit can be tricky! But don’t worry, here is a step by step guide on how to measure up for your Mountain Horse long riding boots.

  1. Make sure you are wearing your normal riding breeches and socks (or those which you plan  to wear under your boots).


2. Stand with your lower leg slight bend forward and ask someone to measure from your heel to the back of your knee.


3. Measure around the widest part of your calf. Take 3 measurments and use the widest one.


4. Watch this video to make sure you have the measurments correct.



5. Look at the following chart for the Sovereigns to find out which fit best suits your measurments (click the image to enlarge it).

6. Decide which boot style you would like.


Boot Options


The award winning Sovereign long riding boots are a classic from Mountain Horse. Lovely soft leather and gorgeous style. These come in all the sizes on the chart above in either black or brown boots. Click HERE


The latest range of long riding boots from Mountain Horse. These feature thier new shock absorbing sole system. Great for people who are on thier feet all day or those with hip/knee pain. Cliok HERE.

These come in:

  • Regular/Regular
  • Regular/Narrow
  • Regular/XNarrow
  • Regular/Wide
  • Short/Wide
aurora tall riding boot mountain horse
aurora tall riding boot mountain horse

Sovereign Lux

The Lux Sovereign riding boots have the same style and fit as the Sovereigns but with an added bit of glamour! The faux croc skin around to top is just fab! Click HERE.

These come in:

  • Regular/Regular
  • Regular/Narrow
  • Regular/Plus
  • Short/Regular
  • Regular/Wide
  • Short/Narrow
  • Tall/Regular
  • Tall/Narrow


Questions & Answers

Will the boots drop with wear?

Yes the boots tend to drop about 1cm as the leather softens

What can i do if the boots are too tall?

You can put a Heel Riser into the boot to lift your heel up by 1cm. These are really comfortable and can stay in all the time or come out once the leather drops a bit.

How do i try them on properly once they arrive?

Make sure you stretch out the elastic section at the back of the boot. For a perfect fit this elastic should stay stretched once the boots are done up.

What do i do if my boots get wet?

Make sure you follow these steps to dry your boots carefully and keep them looking and feeling great.

mountain horse boots cleaning riding boots leather
mountain horse boots cleaning riding boots leather

How do i care for my long riding boots?

Keep them clean & conditioned with a leather product that matches the PH of the leather. Also use one that only uses natural ingredients and avoid alcohol, vinegar or glycerine containing products. We recommend the Sterling Essentials range. This range contains only natural beeswax and essential oils which nourish your riding boots. They also remove mould & mildew and help prevent it coming back.

Keep your boots in a dry & warm envirnoment when you are using them, keep them in thier boot bag (which they will come with) and with the inserts in to hold the shape (also included). Click HERE.

sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner
sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner

If you would like some more help or advice on getting the correct boot fit for you please get in touch and let me know your measurments. [email protected]

Laura x