equisafety mesh sheet hiviz
equisafety mesh sheet hiviz

I am so excited that the new Multicoloured Charlotte Dujardin range from Equisafety has finally arrived!

It features:

  • HiViz Mesh Fly Rug
  • HiViz Ears
  • HiViz Waistcoat
  • HiViz Leg Wraps
  • HiViz Brow/Nose/Rein Band
equisafety charlotte dujardin ears
equisafety charlotte dujardin ears

As you know its really important to me that i can try out the clothing & horsewear that i stock so that i not only make sure it is good quality and works well but so i can advise you on size and fit.

So Robyn and I took the range out for a trial run on a hack yesterday and here is our verdict….


I was so impressed with how visible Robyn was with all her gear on. I had lots of lovely comments from people at the yard but more importantly i noticed a huge difference in how cars responded to us: They certainly saw us much earlier than usual and stopped to let us past from much further away. This made me feel safer & more confident on the road part of our hack.

Our hack went between us being in very wooded areas of road to more open areas so the mix of colours on her hiviz was great. It meant that we could be seen really well whatever our surroundings.


I was delighted by how well everything stayed in place and fitted Robyn. The mesh rug secured at the girth straps as well as having a strap under the belly and under her tail. Even at trot and canter it stayed really well secured.

The boots, veil and band were also really secure with strong velcro fastenings. The veil even had velcro fastenings to attach it to the headpeice.


As we all know flies can be a really pain at this time of year so having a fly rug on on a hack is a huge bonus and this one did not dissapoint!  Usually robyn is swishing her tail and fussing with the flies but she didnt swish her tail once. So i think the flies were kept well away!


The rug didnt seem to heat her up at all despite it being about 25 degrees and sunny. She wasnt sweaty under it either. The light colours are great for reflecting the sunshine so i think she may well have felt cooler than she would have without it given that she is a dark coloured horse.

Overall we give this range a great 10/10 for both looks and practicality! Highly recommended!!

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equisafety mesh sheet hiviz
equisafety mesh sheet hiviz