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Fly Off Starter Set

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Fly Off have produced two types of extra strong tablets. Using thier patent pending 3 in 1 technology they have combined impregnating and diffusion technology to create a strong and adjustable strength tablet which has been proving to last longer with a high intensity of smell.

Give your horse 24/7 protection at a fraction of the cost of sprays or gels.

Waterproof, cost effective and each inserts lasts 14 days.

Comes with 2 x horse leg bands, 1 x multi clip

3 x Neem Extra Tablets 

3 x Citro Extra Tablet 

3x DEET Extra Inserts 

2 x Standard Tablet 

For The Best Protection:

Neem EXTRA & Citro EXTRA are ideal to use together especially on horses or around livestock to cover the widest range of flies. The horse leg bands have been designed to carry two tablets with enough gap so both will be effective at the same time. To use with the Multi Clips you will need two clips.

Standard Tablet:

Our standard tablet repels most flies about 50-100cm away. It contains Citronela, Euculyptus and Lavender giving it a pleasent and not over powering smell. Ideal to wear whilst out and about and indoors especially around babies. Its last 7-14 days.

Neem Tablet:

Neem Oil is an essential oil which is thought to repel most insects including fruit flies, wasps & horse flies. It is very strong distictive smelling not pleasent to the human nose and very bitter in taste. They have also added Lavender and Peppermint to make the smell more pleasent. Also repels fleas, ticks, mites and lice along with most biting flies doesnt seem as effective on common flies as Citro EXTRA tablet or DEET EXTRA Tablet. Wont stain white marking like gel versions.

Citro Tablet:

Contains Citronela, Eucalyptus and Gereniol very nice smelling and strong. Ideal to wear on days you need more protection is thought to repel most flies doesnt repel fruit flies or wasps and is recommended to use alongside Neem EXTRA Tablets. This combination of oils is thought to repel most biting flies and excellent at repeling common flies along with some ticks, lice and mites.

Deet Tablet:

Contains 50% DEET, Citronella & Eucalyptus. A very strong fly repellent repelling most types of flies. Also works well alongside the NEEM EXTRA Tablet. Not recommended to be used with young babies or near horses nose to prevent breathing in they recommended to use the Citro EXTRA Tablet.

For more information on getting the best from your Starter Set CLICK HERE to read my blog post.


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