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Freejump Air S Stirrups TRIAL


Not sure if the stirrups are for you? Why not try them out at home? How does it work?

  • Buy the stirrups here for the normal price.
  • Keep them for up to 10 days and try them out.
  • If you like them then just return the trial pair & I will send you your brand new pair out in the post.
  • If you decide not to keep them then just send them back after 1o days for a full refund (minus postage cost).


Pregabalin purchase canada Ts&Cs

  • Return postage must be tracked & insured to the full value of the stirrups.
  • You are responsible for the return postage cost & ensuring they are received back.
  • Returns must be sent within 10 days of receiving the stirrups.
  • The stirrups must be returned in the same condition as you received them.
  • If the stirrups are damaged you will incur the cost of either fixing or replacing them.

About the AIRS:

The stirrups are made of light stainless steel, with a floor mounted Air Cushion. The angled bars & tread are designed to keep your leg & foot in the optimum position in the saddle.

Perfect for showjumpers, dressage riders & ametuers alike.

These stirrups are perfect for anyone who suffers from injury or wants to protect thier joints, as well as riders who want to keep thier foot and leg in the correct position.

You have a choice of tread and bar angles:

  • The 30degree angled bars help to keep your leg against the saddle.
  • The 10 degree angled tread helps keep your foot in the correct ‘heel down’ position.

You can choose to have:

1. flat tread 0 degrees & straight bars 0 degrees

2. flat tread 0 degrees & angled bars 30 degrees

3. Most popular: angled tread 10 degrees & angled bars 30 degrees

Tread:  This is where the shock absorbtion happens! The unique chock absorbing tread gives a huge 8mm of shock absorbtion.  The tread has metal pins to give you excellent grip & stability & these last longer than a plastic tread. You can also replaced the pins once they wear down with use.

Safety: The upper polyamide headband is designed to trigger in case of high pressure to facilitate the release of the foot if necessary.

If you’d like some advice or would like to customise your colours further please get in touch [email protected]

You can use your normal leathers with all the Freejump stirrups.

Get the Freejump wide stirrup leathers for the ultimate stability & comfort. The Freejump Classic Leathers are compatable with the Air S.

Find out more about the FreeJump range on my latest blog.

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Customer Reviews

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Louise Galley
Great Trial

So pleased I found Boudica so that I could try these stirrups before final purchase. I’ve bought lots of stirrups for my arthritis and these are the most comfortable. I have now ordered a pair to keep.

Freejump Air S Stirrups Trial

I have really struggled to find a stirrup that I can ride in comfortably and that offer security. As a Para Dressage rider I have very little use of my legs and continually lose a stirrup or my boot goes too far through. I asked Laura if she thought the Freejump Airs would help me and she kindly offered a trial to see if they would. They worked really well and so I was able to keep them, best stirrups I have had and so good to try them before deciding. Great service.

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1 in stock (can be backordered)