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Freejump Soft Up Classic Stirrups


I am delighted to introduce our new brand of stirrups Freejump. Designed for optimum shock absorbancy, these stirrups help protect your joints & your horse’s back.

The angle of the bars & tread help put your foot & leg in the correct position against your horses side, as well as increasing your lower leg stability.

  • Improved shock-absorption ability. Reduces the strain on each stirrup by two-thirds and relieves pressure on the rider’s joints and the horse’s back, thanks to the branch’s new geometry. 3 times more cushioning than a traditional stirrup.
  • Centre of gravity is set towards the front. This causes a backwards movement of the tread which encourages the rider to keep their heels down.
  • Wide carbon tread, tilted studs: a supporting surface that is 12% bigger alleviates the pressure points on the arch of the foot.


  • Development of the manufacturing process. The aircraft-grade spring steel branch, with very high mechanical strength, is 37% more resistant thanks to the new manufacturing technique.
  • Flexible outer branch. The freejump single-branch technology allows a flexible outer branch to be used. Designed so that pressure from the foot opens it up if a rider is dragged along by their horse.

Technical features: 

1. Open eye / suitable for use with freejump’s single-strap stirrup leathers.

2. 9 treated studs (worn studs can be replaced)

3. Spring steel branch overmoulded with an elastomer

4. Flexible outer branch (can be replaced if damaged)

5. Extra-wide carbon tread

6. Cover (can be replaced if damaged)

7. Grip (worn grips can be replaced)

Designed to make it easier to release the foot in the event of a fall, the flexible outer branches open up under pressure from the foot.
Flexible outer branch # Classic
Studs: based on the technology used for downhill mountain biking pedals, the steel studs are designed to provide an extremely effective grip without causing wear to the soles.
Grip (stirrups) # Classic
The stirrup’s eye, positioned further forward in comparison to the tread, means that the centre of gravity is offset – this encourages the rider to keep their heels down.
Offset centre of gravity # Classic
Freejump’s many years of experience and R&D of single-branch stirrups have allowed them to identify the maximum stress that a stirrup can withstand – from impact and from fatigue. Our overmoulded, single-branch stirrups made from steel have been developed to respond to these levels of stress. Single-branch technology reduces the strain on each stirrup by two-thirds and relieves pressure on the rider’s joints and the horse’s back.
For added balance and stability the Freejump Classic Wide Leathers are the perfect fit.
  • Black (one tone)
  • black/navy,
  • black/red,
  • black/choco
  • black/silver pearl edition

You can use your usual stirrup leathers with all the Freejump range.

Freejump are legal in ALL disciplines including BSJA & BD. The only exception is Pony Club mounted games.

Find out more about the FreeJump range on my latest blog.
For advice on your stirrups please email Laura [email protected]



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black/red, blue/navy, choco/black, Black, Black/Silver

Customer Reviews

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Excellent bit of equipment

These have proved to be a worthwhile buy, with a significant price tag it took me some time to take the plunge. But from receiving them in the post I have been impressed. They are excellent quality and look great. When riding I have noticed better stability and can certainly feel more weight in my heel due the inclined tread. With the studs in the tread my feet are more secure with minimal movement which is great and a comfort that my feet have not moved position.
Really pleased with these stirrups 😀

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