We are all aware of the importance of being seen when riding on the roads. The BHS states that 230 horses and 39 riders have died since 2o1o on the roads and a huge 2914 incidents have been reported!

No one plans to have an accident but as with all aspects of riding there are risks involved. All it can take is a noisy motorbike or a horse-eating-pheasant monster to come out from a bush or long grass and you’re floored or worse hit.

But do you only need to be seen only when on the road? No is the easy answer! Reports from the MOD have found that helicopter pilots can see a rider in hiviz gear half a mile sooner than a rider without. For this reason I always wear HiViz and bright clothing whenever I leave the yard on my horse, even if i’m off road.

The best way to stay seen is with HiViz clothing. You can’t walk through a tackshop now without coming across hiviz Gilets, jackets, horse boots and exercise sheets. One of the most popular companies supplying HiViz gear is Equisafety who work closely with Charlotte Dujardin to promote rider safety.

Another important addition to your HiViz clothing is bright clothing. Bright breeches/leggings and tops or gloves are a great way to make yourself better seen. When I head out with Robyn, my horse, I make sure i’m wearing my pink Chillout leggings and/or a white or pink Chillout baselayer as well as my hiViz gilet. But it doesn’t have to be pink if that’s not your things, white is a great colour to be seen in especially against dark woodland and green grass.

How to stay safe:

  • Wear HiViz gilets/jackets/horsewear when hacking on and off the road

  • Wear bright breeches/leggings, tops and gloves

  • Avoid hacking in low light or on fast and unsafe roads

  • Take your mobile phone

  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back

  • Don’t hack alone

For more information head over to the BHS website and for top quality HiViz clothing look at Equisafety https://equisafety.com/

To checkout our bright pink and white leggings, gloves and baselayers at www.boudicaequestrian.co.uk