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At Boudica Equestrian I wanted to make throw-away fast fashion a thing of the past & in-turn support sustainable fashion.

I wanted to go further than just stocking high quality & sustainable brands such as Mountain Horse & Equetech so I created Boudica’s Bazaar…..

What is Boudica’s Bazaar?
  • BB is a facebook group where you can buy & sell pre-loved horse & rider clothing. Items are by high quality brands in excellent condition.


  • This is a great way to earn some cash & give someone else a chance to own a great quality item.


  • In order to help you reinvest in quality clothing I will give you a £10 voucher for every item you sell to put towards a great quality item from one of the brands we stock.
  • I’m well aware that not everyone can afford to buy from high quality brands, so BB not only gives more people the chance to invest in an item from a great brand by buying second-hand, but also helps reduce the amount of clothing sent to landfill.


What can you sell & buy from Boudica’s Bazaar?


🌟Rider clothing & horse wear

🌟Excellent condition (take good photos)

🌟High quality brands only ie Mountain Horse, Equetech, Equisafety, HKM, UHiP, Back On Track.

Click Here To Join Boudica’s Bazaar