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finer equine bridle bag

I am delighted to introduce our new brand Finer Equine. Finer Equine is a small luxury equestrian business run by Sarah Clarke.

Sarah designs and manufactures her products in the UK & has the highest standards for each item.

About Sarah

I caught up with Sarah to ask her a few fun questions about herself & Finer Equine:

1. What made you start Finer Equine?

I had purchased a beautiful new saddle which came with a thin fleece cover, knowing how much it would travel I lined it with a thick faux sheepskin and added girth loops to ensure it was properly protected. Following a nasty fall leaving me unable to ride or work for some time, I decided to take my idea to market and haven’t looked back since!

2. Which is your favourite product from Finer Equine?

This is a tricky one! My Stirrup Covers save the most time spent cleaning tack, especially through the winter when stirrup treads get the saddle so dirty!

I am most proud of our Ride On Exercise Sheet. It is the first design of its kind in the world, keeping your saddle fully covered and protected while riding and is slip resistant too. My summer weight lives in the trailer for those unexpected show showers and is BD legal!

3. Tell us about your horse

Hamlet (also know as the Labrapony) is an oversized Labrador! He would curl up at the end of your bed given half a chance and is extremely food orientated! He is Negro x Jazz and we do dressage together currently competing at Elementary level and hoping to go to the National Championships again.

4. What’s your favourite food?

Cheese, preferably washed down with wine!

5. Tell us a secret!

Not many people know but I was Northern Ireland’s ladies and pairs Figure Skating Champion 5 times in total!

6. If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

I love to laugh so I think Joan Rivers quick and dry sense of humour would be great fun over some cheese and wine!


Finer Equine Products

Saddle Cover: Made with waterproof & breathable material to help prevent mould build up. Faux fur lining to protect your saddle.

finer equine saddle cover

Stirrup Covers: Perfect for protecting your saddle from dirt & scrapes. These have a unique design which lets you run the stirrups up even when they are on.

finer equine stirrup cover

Bridle Bag: Made with waterproof & breathable fabric & a fabulously soft faux sheep skin lining. Makes carrying your bridle around much easier!

finer equine bridle bag

Exercise Sheet: A unique design which protects the horse & your saddle. It is slip resistant & attaches to the saddle to make it BD legal! Available in summer & winter weight as well as navy or hiviz.

waterproof hiviz exercise sheet summer finer equine

Find out more about the Finer Equine products by clicking HERE.


Laura x

I am delighted to introduce this natural & highly effective leather care brand, Sterling Essentials.  Having searched for a long time to find a natural cleaning range I finally came across this lovely small company.

Based in the US, Teal from Sterling Essentials started making her own tack cleaner after her horse kept coming out in hives everytime she cleaned his tack.

This lovely range is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It contains food grade materials and theraputic grade essential oils. So not only do the products smell amazing they also work beautifully.

sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner
sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner

The Cleaner:

Available in both lavender & eucalytus these smell amazing.

  • Gently and effectively cleans leather through a special blend of natural, food-grade leather cleansers and protecting therapeutic grade essentials oils.

  • Specially formulated to match the pH of leather.
  • Helps prevent mold and mildew.
  • One step application. No rinsing or wiping needed.
sterling essentials natural eucalytpus leather tack cleaner
sterling essentials natural eucalytpus leather tack cleaner

The Conditioner

Also available in lavender & eucalyptus

  • Nourishes and protects leather through a special blend of food-grade natural oils, beeswax, and therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Provides a natural barrier to help protect against water damage, mold, and mildew.
sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner
sterling essentials natural lavender leather tack cleaner

They are available in large sizes or a mini lavender set to try out. These are also great at little gifts.

click here to see the range.

Once your tack is beautifully clean make sure you keep it dry & clean with one of our tack bags from Finer Equine. Designed with waterproof covers & breathable fabric to help your tack stay mould free & looking great.

finer equine bridle bag

Click HERE to see the Finer Equine range.

Laura x