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It’s heating up out there and most of us are now back in the saddle. So here is a selection of essentials for those of you who love hacking out…


DVR Belt Bags £25

DVR equestrian bum bag waist bag
DVR equestrian bum bag waist bag

Perfect size for your keys, phone, treats and hoof pick! No more stuffing things down your bra 😉 or boots. These are made from a lovely recycled fabric making them good for the environment too! £25 Available in grey or black.





HiViz T-Shirts £25

DVR hiviz t-shirt
DVR hiviz t-shirt

Great if you are always having to search for your tabard or find it too hot with anything extra on top.

Available in pink or orange. Breathable & stretchy material.

DVR hiviz t-shirt
DVR hiviz t-shirt

Georgian Dollar Breeches £92

georgian dollar equestrian jeans breeches
georgian dollar equestrian jeans breeches

Perfect for everyday wear as well as relaxing in the saddle. Made from stretchy & soft cotton material.









Breathable SXC Gloves £25.99

super x country gloves
super x country gloves

These highly functional and cool mesh gloves from SuperXCountry are perfect for all riding conditions and our best seller!







Equisafety Mesh Quarter Sheet £32.99

equisafety mesh sheet
equisafety mesh sheet

Help keep the flies at bay but stay super visible & cool too, these quarter sheets are an essential piece for hacking on or off road.









DVR HiViz Ears £22.99

Breathable & lightweight ears. Stay visible and help keep the flies off too.







Fly Off Fly Repellant Bands £30

fly off fly repellant horse and rider
fly off fly repellant horse and rider

These actually work! Perfect for 24/7 protection for you and your horse from those nasty flies in the field and out on hacks. £30 starter set.






Need some help with sizings or finding the right item? Just drop Laura an email

In these strange times its the little things that make us feel good.  So here are my top clothing tips for surviving the lock-down!

1. Declutter! Clear out your wardrobe & consider selling those items you haven’t worn for ages.

2. Earn Some Money! List your high quality preloved items for sale on Boudica’s Bazaar & earn some pennies! Click HERE to head to Boudica’s Bazaar.

preloved horse wear ridingwear

3. Make Your Boots Sparkle! Get your riding boots cleaned by following my cleaning care tips below….

mountain horse boots cleaning riding boots leather


4. Give Your Tack A Clean!

Take this time to clean up your bridle & saddle ready for when competitions can start again. Keep your newly cleaned tack clean & dry in one of our new luxury tack covers from Finer Equine! Waterproof & breathable to help prevent mould build up even in an unheated tack room.

finer equine bridle bag


5. Go Bright!

Wear the brightest clothes you have everyday to cheer you up! Luckily many of our new ranges feature bright pinks & blues. Click HERE to see whats new.


6. Opt For Comfort!

Stay comfortable by wearing leggings like the new Flora Mountain Horse tights or our best selling Equetech Inspire tights.  If you prefer the jean look then what about our super stretchy Georgian Dollar Equestrian Jeans. Click HERE to see our range of breeches.  Take our quiz to find out which breeches suit your shape.



7. Lose The Bra!

Avoid uncomfortable bras and instead wear a super comfortable vest top like the Mountain Horse tech top. This was a best seller last year and now comes in this lovely black melange colour.

mountain horse horse riding bra

8. Comfy Feet!

Stick to shock absorbing trainers to keep your feet protected & pain free when you are out on your dog walk & yard visit.  I live in my Mountain Horse Breeze trainers which now come in pink! Click HERE to find out more.

What does it all mean?! When buying a new horse riding jacket or trousers you need to know if it is going to be fit the purpose you want.

So is it just semantics or is there an important difference between waterproof, water reistance and water repellant riding jackets?! The short answer is yes, there is a difference. Essentially they denote the extent to which water can get through the fabric.

So here is your guide to buying a waterproof riding and leisure jacket:

Water Resistant

This is the lowest level of protection from rain. Essentially the fabric tends to be tightly woven and thus creating a fairly good barrier between your skin/under clothes and the rain. They should keep you fairly dry in a light, short drizzle or shower but won’t keep you dry in heavy or prolonged rain.

Water Repellant

This is the next level up of protection from water resistant material. The material will have a special coating on the outside to encourage the rain to pool into big droplets and run off the material. This should keep you dry in a light rain shower for a decent amount of time. However in a heavy shower, when the heavens open (!) or over a long period of time, the pressure of the rain on the fabric will cause it to seep through the material.  Softshell materials are usually noted as being water repellant.


If you want to be sure to keep dry when out in the rain for long periods then you will need a waterproof riding jacket. Fully waterproof means that the fabric won’t allow any water through.  To be completely waterproof it will also have to have taped seems which prevents the water from getting through the seems in the jacket. As the name suggests a waterproof tape is placed over any seems to prevent water getting through the stitching.


Critically with a waterproof riding jacket you also need it to be breathable. This means that moisure from your body (sweat & heat) can be moved from the inside of the fabric to the outside of the fabric preventing you from getting wet inside the jacket.


So in summary, if you want to stay completely dry inside and out in rain and snow you need a waterproof jacket with taped seams.   Living in the UK a waterproof & taped jacket is an essential piece of kit for all horse riders!

If you just want some protection from brief showers then a water repellant fabric will be a good buy.

The Scandinavians are the kings (and Queens) of waterproofs in my opinion! And crucially in this day and age Mountain Horse are my top pick due to thier Sustainability pledges & processes.

My Top waterproof (with taped seems & breathable inner fabric) super lighteright horse riding jacket is the Serenity from Mountain Horse which has also won the Your Horse ‘lightweight Jacket’ award:

best waterproof jacket mountain horse serenity
best waterproof jacket mountain horse serenity

Top Pick for a mid length waterproof jacket with a bit of warmth is the Wintertide from Mountain Horse. A lovely warm lining which is breathable and big slits in the sides for riding.

mountain horse wintertide parker
mountain horse wintertide parker

Top Pick for super warm & long waterproof horse riding jacket is from Montar, again a fabulous Danish brand leading the way with fashion & function:

montar long waterproof riding jacket
montar long waterproof riding jacket


Top pick for over trousers to keep your legs dry & warm! Mountain Horse Tech Cover Pants:

waterproof over trousers breeches mountain horse
waterproof over trousers breeches mountain horse

If you would like any further help or advice on choosing a waterproof horse riding jacket please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you again for all your support!

Laura x


Who Else Hates Dropping Bra Straps & Uncomfortable Underwear when riding?!
Over the past few days Laura from Boudica has been putting the Mountain Horse Tech Sports Top & Pants to the test and the results are in…..
Laura was really impressed by the comfort and quality of both the top and the pants!
Find out more….

The Tech Top

riding underwear mountain horse

The top is lightly padded for anyone who needs a little extra help! But it is removable for anyone who’s lucky enough not to need it!

It is made from stretchy & soft material making it comfortable enough to wear all day.
The Adore Tech Pants

Again the material is really soft and stretchy.

No seams to rub you and a high waist band make them so comfortable to wear.
They are tailored enough to give a lovely flattering fit but not so big that they look like Bridget Jones pants!

mountain horse tech top adore bra riding

Both come in white and navy.
Have a look at the link for more info 👇