I get asked questions a lot about whether certain colours or styles are ‘dressage legal’ or ‘competition legal’ so i have compiled a list of questions and answers for you…..

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Can I Wear Brown Boots For BD (British Dressage)?

You may be suprised to know that you do not have to wear black boots when competing at British Dressage. The rules actually state:

‘Long riding boots designed for riding are to be worn….. Boots must be predominantly in any conservative colours in muted tones.’

So those of you who are in love with your Mountain Horse brown Sovereigns will be very pleased about this!

Can I Wear Boots & Chaps For Competing At BD?

Yes! ‘Short riding boots with gaiters of the same leather and colour as the boots may also be worn‘ Great news for those who prefer boots and chaps to long boots. Our favourites are the new Aurora Boots from Mountain Horse!

Can I Wear Patent Boots For BD (British Dressage)?

In line with the previous questions, yes you can wear patent boots as long as the tones are mutted and colours conservative.

Can I Wear Sleeveless Shirts For Competing BD?

If it is under your jacket then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to ride without your jacket on then the shirt must have short or long sleeves.

Do I Have To Wear A Jacket When Competing BD?

Suprisingly you don’t. As long as you have a shirt on with long or short sleeves as well as a stock or american collar you are fine.

‘ If no jacket is worn, a suitable traditional style long or short sleeved shirt should be worn. A shirt that fastens at the neck with a tie, white american collar or correctly fastened stock must be worn. This should not be brightly coloured or have bold patterns ‘

What Colour Jacket Can I Wear When Competing BD?

The answer is any as long as it is muted & conservative. So thats a yes to grey, navy, black or tweed!

The rules state that:

‘ Tail coats, short jackets and waistcoats may be in any conservative colour in a muted tone and should not be brightly coloured or have bold patterns.. Subtle pinstripes are permitted, as are coloured collars and contrast piping to collar, lapels, pockets and vents. Tweed jackets may be worn but should not be brightly coloured or have bold patterns.’

Can I Wear A Waistcoat When Competing at BD?

Yes is the answer, which is great news for those hot summer days competing!

‘ In regular competitions, competitors may choose to ride without jackets. Members can wear a fitted waistcoat in any conservative colour in a muted tone and should not be brightly coloured or have bold patterns’

Can I Wear A Waterproof Coat When Competing At BD?

If it is raining yes you can. Just make sure it is plain and dark in colour. Which is great for those of us competing in the UK!

Plain, dark-coloured waterproof coats may be worn in wet weather.

Can I Wear Beige Jodphurs When Competing At BD?

Yes, you can wear any of the following: white, beige, cream or canary yellow.

‘Breeches or jodhpurs are to be plain white, cream, beige or canary yellow except when worn with official uniform, when they may be of the uniform colour.’

General BD Rules Of Dress:

‘Introductory to Advanced Medium tests (including FEI Junior tests) – uniform, short jacket or tweed coat with correctly tied stock/white American collar or shirt and tie, and protective hat. Advanced tests and upwards – option of a tail coat with protective hat or top hat, or short jacket with protective hat, both with correctly tied stock or shirt and tie. Uniform may be worn with protective hat or uniform cap. As long as the core dress rules are adhered to, subtle embellishments and additions to any item of dress are permitted as long as they do not pose a welfare risk to the horse.’

For further information see the official BD handbook