I get asked questions a lot about whether certain colours or styles are ‘BSJA legal’ or ‘competition legal’ so i have compiled a list of questions and answers for you…..

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tall sovereign riding boots mountain horse

Can I Wear Brown Boots For Showjumping (BSJA)?

You may be suprised to know that you do not have to wear black boots when competing at BSJA. The rules actually state:

‘Boots must be in plain black or black with mahogany or patent tops or
plain brown or brown with patent tops or plain navy blue or navy blue with
mahogany or patent tops.
Traditional style leather jodhpur boots in plain black, brown or navy blue may be
worn by Junior riders..’

So those of you who are in love with your Mountain Horse brown Sovereigns will be very pleased about this!

Can I Wear Patent Boots For Showjumping (BSJA)?

In line with the previous questions, yes you can wear patent boots as long as the tones are mutted and colours conservative. Great news for the Mountain Horse Lux Boots!




equetech florence competition shirt

Can I Wear Sleeveless Shirts For Competing in Showjumping?

If it is under your jacket then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to ride without your jacket on then the shirt must have short or long sleeves.

Do I Have To Wear A Jacket When Competing in Showjumping?

In hot weather the rules state that ‘at the judges discretion’ jackets don’t have to be worn.  As long as you have a shirt on with long or short sleeves as well as a stock or a high collar you are fine.

‘ Shirts may have long or short sleeves and must have a white collar;
long-sleeved shirts must have white cuffs. Ladies may wear shirts with high
white collars without a stock. If a jacket is not worn, shirts must have sleeves
and either short or long sleeves are permitted. Coloured ties or stocks may be
worn with hacking jackets. ‘

What Colour Jacket Can I Wear When Showjumping?

You are allowed to wear traditional style & new style taylored jackets in most colours as long as they aren’t in the British Team colours (dark blue with red collar and white piping). There are rules around logos & names on jackets so double check if you want to have this on your jacket.

Can I Wear A Waterproof Jacket If It Is Raining?

You can at the judges discretion. So it is worth having a smart waterproof with you. Have a look at our range HERE.



ps of sweden beige mathilde riding tights

Can I Wear Grey or Beige Jodphurs or Breeches When Showjumping at BSJA?

Yes, you can wear any of the following: white, beige, cream, canary yellow and since 2021 grey. Have a look at our range here.

‘Breeches or jodhpurs must be white, pale yellow, beige, grey or fawn in colour.
Black or Navy are not allowed..’




super x country gloves

Do i have to wear gloves for BSJA?

No, you are not required to wear gloves.

Have a look at our competition range HERE.



ps of sweden high jump bridle

Can I use a bridle without a throatlash for Showjumping competitions?

Yes, this includes the ergonomic PS of Sweden bridles which don’t require a throatlash.

Can i use a Grackle bridle for Showjumping competitons?

Yes, a grackle bridle such as the PS of Sweden Athens bridle is BD legal.



freejump stirrups

Can i use open-branch safety stirrups when competing?

Yes, this includes our Freejump stirrups range. In fact the open-branch stirrups are legal for BD, BSJA & Pony Club (except for mounted games).


For further information see the official BSJA handbook